OPT-2GBS-OV Glovebox System


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Box and gas purification system, form a sealed environment, filled with Inert gas (argon, helium etc.) or nitrogen to the cabinets, and circulation to remove internal active substances, allowing the system always maintain high cleanliness and high purity inert gas environment (water, oxygen are equipment a 1 ppm below according to ISO 10648-2 ).

Mainly for O2, H2O clearing.


Anhydrous, anaerobic and clean, ultra-clean work environment

The R&D and production of batteries and battery materials (lithium-ion battery, battery, solar cell, the lithium iron phosphate, etc.)

The R&D and manufacturing of special lamps: HID lamps, metal halide, ceramic metal halide.

Welding: resistance welding, TIG welding, laser welding, plasma welding, brazing.

OLED R&D and production.

The development and production of medical supplies.

Development and production of the super capacitor.

Fine chemicals, nuclear industry.

The new energy and new materials development and production.”