OPT E-Beam

OPT E-Beam Electron Beam Evoporation System

Technicial Specifications

The system is a proven, robust and versatile design standard solution. The system can be operated manually and automatically, and has a wide range of deposition instrument options, including: electron beam evaporator, RF and DC sputtering sources, low temperature organic evaporator and metal evaporator. There are also many system options available, such as quartz crystal monitoring, high vacuum load lock and heating, cooling, rotating or static sample stages.

◆ Thermal evaporation (up to 4 pcs of independent metal evaporator temperature)
◆ Magnetron sputtering source (up to 4 pcs, 2″, 3″ sources)
◆ Electron beam evaporation source (4 crucible 8cc, 8 crucible 12cc, 6 crucible 20cc)
◆ Organic deposition sources (up to 4)
◆ The above configuration can be installed in combination.
◆ Customized configuration can be provided according to requirements.

Stainless steel chamber:
400mm wide x 400mm deep x 450mm high (internal dimensions) . The chamber is equipped with up to ten spare ports according to the system configuration. The vacuum test runs to 10-8 Torr.