System function and composition
The system is a single-chamber top-opening structure, which is mainly composed of a sputtering vacuum chamber, a magnetron sputtering target, a rotation substrate table, a heating system, a DC power supply, a radio frequency power supply, a working gas circuit, a vacuum acquisition system, an installation machine, and a vacuum It is composed of measurement, water cooling, alarm system and control system, and can be used for the preparation of metal thin films and dielectric films.
The main components and technical indicators of the system
The ultimate vacuum of the sputtering chamber: ≤7×10-5Pa (after baking and degassing); Leak rate of
system vacuum leak detection: ≤5.0×10-7Pa.l/S;
The system starts pumping from the atmosphere: the sputtering chamber can reach 7×10-4 Pa in 45 minutes;
Vacuum degree after the system stops pumping and shuts down for 10 hours: ≤5Pa;
1 ) 1 set of sputtering vacuum chamber
The vacuum chamber is a cylinder-shaped hydraulic auxiliary top opening structure with a size of 280mmx300mm andan all-stainless steel structure. Itcan be internally baked to 100~150℃, argon arc welding, electrochemical polishing and passivation treatment on the surface, the interface is sealed with a metal gasket or a fluorine rubber ring; the cavity is opened with a top opening, which makes it easier to change the target.
Various specifications of flange connections are welded on the vacuum chamber components as follows:
1.1. RF100 flange interface: 1 (observation window);
1.2. CF16 flange interface: 2 (1 inlet pipe, bleed valve);
1.3. CF35 flange interface: 2 (1 lighting, 1 film thickness meter);
1.3. CF150 flange interface: 1 (connected to molecular pump);
1.4. RF30 flange interface: 2 (used to install magnetron target and target baffle)
1.5. LF50 sample stage flange interface: 1 (used to install the sample stage)
1.6. CF25 flange interface: 1;
2 ) Magnetron sputtering system (2 sets)
2.1. Target size: Ф50mm;
2.2. Provide target: (Ti, stainless steel, copper) 1 test target
2.3. Permanent magnet target (one of which can sputter magnetic material), RF sputtering is compatible with DC sputtering, and the target is water-cooled;
2.4. Imported SMC rotary pneumatic control baffle assembly: 2 sets;
2.5. The target is up and sputtering down, confocal magnetron sputtering targets (sputtering target angle adjustable), distributed on a circle, each target can work independently/sequentially/ together;
2.6, 1 500w DC pulse power supply ;
2.7, 500w automatic tuning radio frequency power supply 1 set (digital communication automatic matching)
2.8. The distance between the magnetron target and the substrate is adjustable, and the adjustment distance is 60~110mm.
3) 1 set of rotating substrate table
3.1. The sample can be positioned and autobiographically. Co-sputtering with multiple targets can also be achieved.
3.2. The substrate is heated by an imported heating wire. The heating temperature is from room temperature to 600°C (anti-oxidation), controlled by thermocouple closed-loop feedback, controllable and adjustable;
3.3. The rotation of the substrate isdriven bya speed-regulating motor, continuously adjustable from 0 to 30 rpm, and the rotation speed
3.4. Imported SMC corner cylinder sample baffle assembly 1 set
4) 1 set of window and flange interface parts
4.1. CF100 glass window: 1 piece;
4.2. CF35 ceramic sealing lead flange: 1 (sample heating wire);
4.3. Blind flange: CF16: 1 pcs; CF35: 2 pcs.
5) 1 set of heating deviceThe heating device is on the upper flange of the vacuum chamber to heat the substrate support plate. The temperature control power supply is controlled by a thermocouple to achieve closed-loop control. The system consists of a heater and a heating temperature control power supply. The heating power supply is equipped with a temperature control meter imported from Japan. , The temperature control method isPID automatic temperature control anddigital display; sample heating temperature: room temperature to 600°C, continuously adjustable;
6.)1 set of working gas circuit
6.1. Argon 100SCCM, nitrogen 50SCCM, oxygen 20SCCM mass flow controller (Horiba), CF16 electric shut-off valve, pipelines, joints, etc.: 3 channels in total, equipped with independent mixing chambers;
6.2 DN16 pneumatic inflation valve, DN16 pneumatic bleed valve, pipelines, joints, etc.: 3 routes;
7) 1 set of air extraction unit, valves, and pipelines
7.1. Compound molecular pump and variable frequency control power supply: 1 set (FF150/700 700l/s);
7.2. Mechanical pump: 1 RVP9,9L/S;
7.3. DN40 electric shut-off valve: 1 set;
7.4. Bypass pipeline between the mechanical pump and the vacuum chamber: 1 set;
7.5. CC150 electric gate valve: 1 set;
7.6 Throttle valve: 1 set
7.7. DN40 side extraction angle valve: 1 set
7.8. Differential pressure type inflation valve: 1 set
8) Install the machine stand assembly 1 set
The high-quality cold-rolled plate is bent and welded to form, and the surface of the quick-release hoarding is sprayed with plastic treatment; the machine is embedded with an electric control cabinet; four casters can be fixed and movable. 790mmX780mmX750mm (special for pump set)
9)1 set of vacuum measurement
The sputtering chamber adopts imported MPG400 full-scale compound gauge for measurement.
10)The system adopts PLC+ embedded integrated touch screen industrial computer to realize fully self-closing post-loop control mode
10.1 The system has an automatic coating mode:
After the automatic pumping reaches the working vacuum degree, the coating parameters can be set manually, and the one-key automatic inflation after the end of the experiment saves operating time as a whole. At this time, the system is in an open-loop control state.
10.2 The system provides computer real-time communication, displays and records the vacuum degree and heating temperature PID adjustment settings.
10.3. The system provides computer real-time communication, setting and displaying DC power supply, radio frequency power supply power parameter adjustment, gas flow control adjustment, formulating process menu and automatically recording and setting various process parameter storage.
10.4. The system provides computer MFC process gas voltage stabilization control and adjustment.
10.5. The computer sets and displays the state of the baffle, sample speed, etc.
11.Film thickness meter: QPM60-4 (single-channel water-cooled) 1 setNumber of probes: 1 (optional 2)
Frequency range: 4.0-6.0Mhz
Frequency uniformity: 0.001%
Frequency accuracy: 0.03Hz/2 readings/sec
Rate uniformity: 0.5% typical
Rate accuracy: 0.01/s
Thickness uniformity: 0.5% typical
Thickness accuracy: 1
Test time: 0.1 to 1 second
Film layer (total film system) 400 layers Film thickness parameter
Initial reading 0.0-999.9
Final thickness 0.0-999.9
Time set point 0-30000 seconds
Thickness limit 0- 999.9
12)Water cooling cycle machine: 0.5P 1 set
13)Silent air pump: 500W 1 set
14)1 set of spare parts
The conditions for on-site installation
1. Power supply 380V 50Hz, power greater than 5KW, fluctuation range: less than ±6%, equipped with multiple wiring sockets;
2. Reliable ground wire, resistance to ground is less than 2Ω;
3. The installation site area is larger than 4M2, and the height requirement is higher than 2.4M;
4. It is required that the standard temperature of the installation site is 20℃~24℃, and the standard relative humidity is 50%~60%;
5. Ordinary nitrogen is required, and the pressure should be between 2 and 3 atmospheres;
6. External exhaust gas pipeline;