OPT-S5000F Photocatalytic Xenon Lamp Light Source

Characteristics of OPT-S5000F Photocatalytic Xenon Lamp Light Source
  1. Standard steerşng lens, horizonal and vertical illumination,360° revolve
  2. The bulb adopts the filter infrared focusing structure to reduce the heat of the light source
  3. The 500W photocatalytic xenon lamp light source system can realize the lens to adjust the spot size.
  4. Strong light output 5-15 Sun, using cold light output design.
  5. The use of domestic xenon lamp bulb has the advantages of long life, low replacement cost and quick replacement.
  6. The high pressure short arc xenon lamp has the advantages of high brigtness, point luminescence and good color rendering, the light color is close to the sunlight and the light color stable.
  7. Optionial automatic: LMP400 lifting table, which can adjust the illumination height of the light source