OPT-10 Precision Disc Cutter with Standard 16, 19, 20 Dia. Cutting Die & 3 – 24mm Optional


STANDARD PATTERN 16, 19, and 20mm precision dies are included in standard package
Optional 3 – 24mm customized dies are available upon request at 4-6 weeks lead time
STRUCTURE Krom Major structural material: Cr Plated Steel
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 120mm W x 394mm H x 209mm L
SHIPPING DIMENSIONS 200mm L x 190mm W x 310mm H
Rusting and damage due to improper storage condition or maintenance is not covered by warranty
APPICATION OPT-10If you are going to make CR2016, CR2025 or/and CR2032 coin cell batteries, you will need at least three cutting dies:
16mm (for negative side case, which is 16.5mm in diameter)
19mm (for positive side case, which is 20mm in diameter)
20 mm (for separator to fully separate the electrodes in both negative and positive cases)
For CR2450 coin cells, a 20mm cutting die can be used for cutting electrode discs and the 24mm cutting die can be used for cutting either electrode discs or separator discs (the 24mm cutting die can be purchased as optional die
Separator discs must be large enough to fully separate the cathode and anode electrodes to avoid short-circuit inside the coin cells