PECVD System


PECVD by microwave or radio frequency make gas ionization containing film the constituent atoms, in a local plasma formation, and plasma chemical activity is very strong, is easy to react, sedimentary out the desired film on substrate, it widely used product high quality sio2 film,si3N4 film, diamond film, hard thin film, optical thin film and CNT etc.

Model OPT-T1200-P OPT-T1400-P OPT-T170O-P
Max. temperature 1200° C 1400° C 1700° C
Work temperature 1100° C 1300° C 1600° C
Heating rate 0-20° 0-20° 0-15°
Heating element Resistance wire with Mo SiC heating elements MoSi2 heating elements
Thermal couple K type S type B type
Fiber Liner 1430 alumina fiber 1600 alumina fiber 1800 alumina fiber
Temperature rise rate 0-20°/min
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Temperature uniformity ±5℃
Rated Power 110-415V,50/60Hz
Plasma Power 200/300/500/1000W
Gas Control Float flow meter/Mass flow meter
Vacuum Unit Rotary vane/Diffusion/Turbo molecular pump