Desktop Dip Coater with variable Speed (1-200 mm/min) – PTL-MM01


PTL-MM01 is a CE certified Desktop Dip Coater designed for R&D Lab to prepare various optical or epitaxial films from liquid solution.

Dipping/Pulling speed 1-200 mm/minute Adjustable
Dipping/Pulling traveling 0-200mm Adjustable
Voltage AC 110V/220V switchable
Sample holder Two screw sample clips are installed in the sample holder in order to
carry the samples sliding up and down through two guide rods
Beaker Holder The beaker which contains the coating material (coating solution)
will be placed into the slot of the beaker holder
Solution container One 150ml beaker is included
Max. Sample size 50mm(L) x 25mm(W) x 2.5mm(T)
Sample weight less than 250g
Dipping/Pulling Motor Stepping motor
Product dimension 320mm(L) x 255mm(W) x 540mm(H)
Certificate CE Certified
Warranty One year limited with lifetime support
Application note -In order to get better film coating, the substrate shall be treated by plasma cleaner
(Please click on the first picture below for more information)
-Use ultrasonic processor to disperse nano powder or homogenize solution to get better
coating (Please click on the second picture below for more information)
-Extension frame will support coating for larger sample (Please click on the third
picture below for more information)
-Click here to visit our Knowledge Center and learn about dip coating