Opt- Screen Printing Machine


Opt- Screen Printing Machine


This model flat screen printer , suitable for small size with diverse flat material or molding item screen printing, flexibility and light weight, easy operation. Screen vertical up down is driven by air cylinder, Cylinder drives the printing stroke stability, accuracy and smooth speed. It is corresponded with diverse production benefit. Stationary vacuum table is attached with three-point micro adjustment for quick alignment, HMI IC panel is used to work with chip control, it is the best choice of the small size substrate for flat printing.


Max Printing Size          : 200 x 280mm
Max Screen Frame Size: 380 x 520mm
Work Table Size             : 250 x 400mm
Substrate thickness       : 0 – 150mmenhance print height to 15cm
Productivity                     1100 pph
Air Consumption            4.02L/cycle
Machine Dimension      : 560x480x1080mm