Graphene Preparation System


In addition applied in the Graphene Preparation field, sliding tube furnace can also be widely used for CVD experiment under reaction temperature 800-1600 ℃, vacuum sintering experiment, vacuum protective atmosphere sintering experiment, nanomaterial preparation, battery preparation, etc.

Model OPT-T1200-S OPT-T1400-S OPT-T1700-S
Max. temperature 1200° C 1400° C 1700° C
Work temperature 1100° C 1300° C 1600° C
Heating rate 0-20° 0-20° 0-15°
Heating element Resistance wire with Mo SiC heating elements MoSi2 heating elements
Thermal couple K type S type B type
Fiber Liner 1430 alumina fiber 1600 alumina fiber 1800 alumina fiber
Temperature rise rate 0-20°/min
Slide distance 0-20°/min
Temperature accuracy ±1℃
Temperature uniformity ±5℃
Rated Power 110-415V,50/60Hz
Gas Control Float flow meter/Mass flow meter
Vacuum Unit Rotary vane/Diffusion/Turbo molecular pump