OPT-PL05 5L Vacuum Plasma Cleaner System

Equipment Composition

The plasma cleaner consists of a reaction chamber (also called a vacuum chamber), a vacuum system, a discharge system, an electric control system, and an intake air flow control system.

This equipment adopts touch screen + PLC programmable controller, processing parameters can be set arbitrarily on the touch screen, with manual/automatic switching function. The automatic operation adopts “one-button”, and the working process is completely controlled by the computer. The manual operation is completed by the user on the manual mode interface.


Model OPT-PL05
Control method PLC+touch screen
Power supply AC220V(±10V)50/60Hz
Machine power  1.5KW (including vacuum pump)
RF source power  300W (60%-100% continuously adjustable)
RF source frequency 40KHz
Frequency offset  less than 0.2KHz
Gas flow meter  0-500ml/min (2-way gas adjustable)
Gas flow control  Precision needle valve float flowmeter (2 channels)
Process Control Automatic and Manual
Cleaning time 1-9999s adjustable
Vacuum degree  <80Pa
Vacuum pump pumping rate  2L/S (oil mist filtration)
Inner chamber size (round)  φ150 (diameter)*280 (depth) mm

Material: 316 stainless steel

Plate Layout  Parallel Electrode Plates: Power Plate (1) + Stainless Steel Tray (1)
Effective processing space W125*D235mm
Processing temperature <60°
External Size 590mm ×450mm ×460mm(长×宽×高)
Protection function Touch screen control  intelligent timing, quantitative, abnormal vacuum pressure alarm and other protection functions.
Process gas


A, 2-way process gas

B, flow control range

C. Gas that can be introduced: argon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, air, etc.